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CRRL My Librarian: Rapper's Delight: Hip-Hop History
A mixture of talents - including DJ-ing, emceeing, freestyling, breakdancing, and street art - led to the formation of hip-hop culture as we know it.

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Rapper's Delight: Hip-Hop History (April 2019)

About Craig G.

Growing up in the Fredericksburg area, I adored visiting the public library. The Salem Church Branch opened when I was in third grade. My mom picked my sister and me up from school. Watching the odometer, we cheered as we pulled into the parking lot. “Only 1.3 miles!”

It was an escape, a chance to learn more about what we were interested in or to discover something completely new. I was hooked, tearing through comic books, science fiction, and anything with a wicked streak of humor. Plus, there was a fantastic selection of movies and music. I dove right in and began working at the Salem Church Branch in high school. You can currently find me in the Youth Services Department at our Fredericksburg Branch.

I love books for every age level, whether it is a zany picture book, an angst-ridden young adult novel, or a great biography. If I like it, you’ll probably hear about it from me sooner or later.

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