My Librarian: Erin

My Librarian: Meet Erin

Recommends: Realistic Teen Fiction, Psychological Thrillers, and Narrative Adult Nonfiction

About Erin

I grew up in a house with parents that loved to read which they definitely passed on to me. They frequently took me to the library, which soon came to be my happy place and still is to this day. When I travel, one of the first places I look to visit is libraries.

So naturally, realizing after many jobs and a short career as a teacher that where I wanted to work the most was the library. After receiving a Master’s of Library Science from the University of Maryland (Go Terps!) I started working in the library system I grew up in, which was a dream come true.

After moving around a bit to Colorado and New Mexico due to my husband’s service in the Army, we finally settled here in Virginia. Working in the Collection Services Department I get to see all the up and coming titles, which is exciting and always adds to my TBR list!

My main focus of reading is Teen Realistic Fiction, more specifically books with stories that are sad and depressing. I like to feel all the feels when I read a book like I am the character and if there is a point where I am crying, then it will most likely get two thumbs up from me.

But don’t be alarmed, I also love teen books that have happy storylines, some fantasy and sci-fi, social issues, LGBTQ characters and plots, and everything else in between. I also am an avid audiobook listener, with British psychological thrillers and narrative adult nonfiction being my top choices for audiobooks.

Does it sound like I’m all over the place with what I read?  Well then you’re right so if you just want a good book suggestion in any direction, then I can give it to you.

I live on a small hobby farm with my family, three dogs, cat, chickens, and other various farm animals.  f I’m not reading or listening to a book then I’m usually out in the garden or enjoying myself at one of the local craft breweries.

My Librarian: Erin

erin's Recent Booklists

Erin's Recent Booklists

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