My Librarian: Kari

My Librarian: Meet Kari

Recommends: Nature Nonfiction, Young Adult Fiction, and Graphic Novels

About Kari

Reading has been a love of mine since I was born. My parents are avid readers, and they read to me and my sister frequently as children. By the age of five, I had read The Hobbit to myself and was already continually searching for my next great read.

When older, I would read through class, read instead of doing my chores, and have to be pulled away from reading in order to eat food. Not much has changed since then.

Though this love of books has never dwindled, I found myself considering a career in librarianship by accident. My undergraduate studies had centered around one day being a curator; however, at the very end of that portion of my studies, I realized that I wouldn’t be happy in such a role.

I loved helping and interacting with people far too much to sit in a cubicle all day. After being hired as a substitute at Central Rappahannock Regional Library, I discovered a place where all of my interests and passions came together. I pursued a master’s in library science a few years ago and haven’t looked back.

Outside of work, I am all about nature. I garden, grow food, can often be found exploring the great outdoors and am always searching for an adventure. I’ll still read just about anything, but my favorite reads are usually centered around these interests as well.

Nonfiction about nature is always a go-to, but most young adult books and graphic novels either give me a new world to explore or give me a new perspective on how to look at things, whether it’s a realistic take on an issue or a whole imagined dystopia. I look forward to sharing that love of reading with you by sharing suggestions and ideas.

So, feel free to get in touch and ask for a story; I’m sure I’ll find one just for you!

My Librarian: Kari

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