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Audiobooks are great to listen to while cleaning, working out, or crafting! Check out these addicting romances with characters you'll love to root for.

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About Katie

Though I have been a lifelong reader, learner, and library lover, I started working at the library after graduating from the University of Mary Washington with BAs in History and Historic Preservation.

When I am not playing trivia, finishing a crossword puzzle, or watching a British crime drama, I am reading, or on the hunt for my next read. To me, there is nothing more exciting and daunting than choosing what to read next. My “books-to-read” list is constantly changing, whether I am adding, removing, or rearranging from most important to least. The list consists of everything: children's books, young adult books, adult books, graphic novels, classics that I probably should have read a long time ago, the newest New York Times bestsellers, books recommended by friends, books with interesting subjects that I should know more about, and, of course, the books that I have already read, but love so much that I will read and re-read them until the day I die (ie. the Harry Potter series).

Though my own list causes me (some) stress, there is little I enjoy more than recommending a book for someone else! So, if you want a psychological thriller that will keep you reading late into the night, talk to me! If you want a children’s book that will tug at your heartstrings, make you laugh, or both, I have the one for you. Let's talk about books!

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