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About Tara

Reading is my happy place! I’m the proud daughter of a single mother who fought cancer for 18 years before deciding to rest. My mom raised me to find joy in reading, writing, and most of all learning. Until I was four, my mom was still earning her degrees in English and Communication at Virginia Tech.

There are pictures and numerous stories of professors holding me while she tested, friends watching me as she worked, and us being at the library for hours. I was my mom’s rockin’ sidekick in a lifelong learning adventure.

During my adolescence, my mom found ways to challenge and nurture my love for reading. It didn’t matter whether she quizzed me on small details, gave me books with difficult words, or set a time frame to finish the book; I was hooked on the way reading allowed me to see a different perspective.

When my mom was diagnosed with cancer, reading became my needed escape and the library my safe haven. After college, I enrolled in a Library Science program at the University of Maryland, and, in 2017, I graduated with my degree. As a librarian, I carry a passion for helping others find their own joy, escape, and more through reading.

I’m now a mom myself and use reading as a way to create fun moments with my son. Picture books and audiobooks are our favorite, but, if it’s appropriate, I will read him anything. I also enjoy reading fantasy, romance novels, African American Literature, and juvenile fiction.

My Librarian - Quettara

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