CRRL Producing Personal Protective Equipment

CRRL is assisting medical workers and law enforcement in our community by 3D-printing personal protective equipment (PPE) for LifeCare Medical Transports and Westmoreland County sheriff and correctional officers. Staff have set up all 12 of the library's 3D printers and have started production of ear guards for surgical masks, face shields, and face masks. To date they have printed 182 ear guards and 115 face shields. This week they began printing face masks for Westmoreland County as that is the greater need. Staff continue to print face shields and ear guards too.

Many thanks to the North Stafford, Stafford, Fredericksburg, and Rappahannock Rotary Clubs, and Dr. Sam Smart, Matern Staffing, and International Auto Specialist for donating funds for purchasing filament and supplies. Also, thanks to Nathan Sekinger, Gayle Middle School Librarian, for consulting on the digital files and supplies needed.