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Sinister Smiles: Joker’s Wild History

Batman’s most infamous villain, the Joker, has been a man of many personas in hundreds of storylines. How many forms can he take?

Spider-Man on Screen

Spider-Man has a long history of appearing on screen compared to any other Marvel characters.

Superman on Screen

Learn about Superman and his history on screen through the golden, silver, and modern age.

My Librarian: Books for Gamers

Check out Librarian Craig's suggestions for video game books to keep you entertained.

CRRL Teens: High Schools Gets Graphic

These manga and graphic novel selections embody the struggles of being a teen in high school. Start a series or just read a single story!

New Graphic Novels

Check out the latest and greatest in the Graphic Novels genre straight from our catalog. Learning: Comic Book Design

Sign into your account to get started on designing your own comic book.

Download Comics & Graphic Novels

OverDrive eBooks and eAudio has a plethora of new and popular digital titles to download.

Superheroes: A Never Ending Battle

This PBS documentary examines the dawn of the comic book genre and its powerful 75-year legacy.

Great Comics to Teach Kids

Suggestions on where to start when searching for non-fiction graphic novels for elementary-aged students.

3D Character Animation with

Sign in with your library card to experience this learning path from, & channel your creativity into 3D characters.

The History of American Comics

Dive into the history of American comic books, manga, and more.

Great Comics Series for Adults

Great comics series that are mature in theme and content.

Enter the Dungeon, Try Not to Get Eaten

Join the party! For those who like Dungeons & Dragons, RPGs, fantasy, and quests...sometimes mixed with humor.

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