Scanning at your Local Library

Whether you need to scan documents or photos, you can now do it at your library! All library branches have new machines that are free for you to use. They offer flatbed scanners, perfect for scanning photos, and document feeders that enable you to scan multiple pages with the touch of a few buttons.

You can select features, such as color or black and white, and even specify the resolution at which you want to scan. Files can be saved in PDF, JPG, or TIFF formats, depending on your need. Then you can email yourself your files or save them to a USB drive. Some library branches also have the capability to fax your documents as well. If you need assistance, library staff will be happy to help you.

Scanning allows you to make a digital copy of something in physical format like a piece of paper or photo. Here are some examples of things customers frequently scan:

  • Old photos that you want to preserve in digital format
  • A photo that you want to create a larger size of
  • Doctors’ forms that you need to fill out and email back
  • Financial and real estate documents

Come into your local library, and try it out today!

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