The Heritage of Sophia Street

By Roy Butler The late archaeologist Roy Butler explored the historical significance of this early street, believed to have been named for Sophia Dorothea, sister of George II and mother of Frederick the Great of Prussia. When we think of Fredericksburg history as it relates to Sophia Street, we immediately bring to mind a few specific remaining structures and…
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Mary Ball Washington: “His Revered Mother”

By Barbara Crookshanks Fredericksburg's Mary Ball Washington was an intrepid 18th-century woman who raised five children alone. The oldest became the first President of the United States. Mary Washington's name and heritage are alive and well in the Fredericksburg area and beyond. Her home is at the corner of Lewis and Charles streets; the Mary Washington Monument is on…
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Ghosts of Fredericksburg

By Fredericksburg Area Tourism Department The spirit of the past still lives in Fredericksburg, Virginia. George Washington's footsteps seem to echo on the paths and streets of his hometown. The voices of Thomas Jefferson and other colonial leaders seem to resound through the Rising Sun Tavern. However, many residents and visitors to Fredericksburg have been…
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