Make a Terrarium

Whether it's filled with mossy rocks and ferns or sands and cactus, a terrarium is an amazingly fun way to learn more about nature. With a terrarium in your room, something of the outdoors can always be inside. Terrariums that feature plants (not animals!) lock water inside to keep the soil moist. When the plants…
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Naturally Crafty

The best craft store may be right outside your door. During nice weather, take time in the cool mornings to gather together pieces of nature to work into craft projects in the afternoons. That way you’ll have a remembrance of the seasons to keep all year long. Rocks can become patterned pictures. Leaves can make delicate…
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Take a Hike!

Sometimes, it seems like everybody goes hiking and camping in the great outdoors in the sticky, sweltering summertime. Those are the days when the bugs are at their worst, and the heat alone can leave you panting on the side of the trail before an hour is done. For an easier time of it, grab…
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