Board Game Nights

Board games have a surprisingly long history and have been a main form of entertainment until recently (see the links at the bottom of the post). Some ancient games include senet, the Royal Game of Ur, Go, Mancala, chess, and checkers. With television, video games, and the internet available, board games often take a back seat to…
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My Librarian: Books for Gamers

Video games can't catch a break, often lambasted for being a wasteful time-suck compared to other entertainment options. This is a medium wholly unlike any other than has come before it where you are the protagonist and explore a world made just for you. Research has shown that video games can help with cognitive ability…
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If you like Ready Player One

In the not-so-distant future - the world has turned into a very bleak place, but luckily there is OASIS, a virtual reality world that is a vast online utopia. Along with millions of other world-wide citizens, Wade dreams of finding three keys left behind by James Halliday, the richest man to have ever lived. The…
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