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Looking for a good book? We’ll help you find your next best read with personalized services.

  • My Librarian: Request a reading list from a librarian who specializes in your interests.
  • Book Match: Fill out this form, and we'll email you our suggestions of similar titles.
  • Ask us in person or online: Come to the Adult Services or Youth Services research desks at any library branch, and ask us for recommendations. You can do the same through our contact page. We stay on top of new books, so we can share our favorites with you!

Are you a DIYer? Try...

  • Our Online Catalog: Our online catalog offers many ways to get great reading recommendations. See reviews and ratings from other CRRL customers. Many books have similar title recommendations, too.
  • Staff Booklists: Library staff creates new booklists all the time. It's easy to request any title that interests you. You can also follow your favorite list creators through our Bibliocommons catalog.
  • Book Groups: You can join one of our book groups or start one yourself
  • Top Book Matches: Find a favorite title, and see recommended read-alikes for readers of all ages.