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Reading Challenges

Reading Challenges

CRRL offers reading challenges throughout the year on our Beanstack website and mobile app. Register for a Beanstack account using the Beanstack Tracker App or our Beanstack website.

You can log reading ANYTIME through our Beanstack app or website, but only reading logged during an active challenge will count towards that challenge.

2 Ways to Participate:

Current Challenges

Ages 16+

December 21, 2020 - March 31, 2021

Log 5 books to earn your Adult Winter Reading Challenge mug! Participate in activities to earn badges, and log more reading to earn additional badges.

Find out more about our Adult Winter Reading Challenge.

All Ages

January 1 - December 31, 2021

Challenge yourself to read more this year! Adults log 100 books, and teens and children log 10,000 minutes (167 hours) to complete our 2021 Reading Challenge. Reading logged for any other challenges you participate in throughout the year will also count towards this challenge.

All Ages

February 1-28, 2021

Celebrate African American History with this month-long challenge. Adults log 3 books, and teens and children log 240 minutes (4 hours) to complete this challenge. Reading logged for any other challenges you're participating in will also count towards this challenge.

How To Register: Beanstack Tracker App

Beanstack Tracker App logo
Beanstack Tracker App: App Store Screen

1. Download the free Beanstack Tracker App (Apple or Android) to track your reading and participate in reading challenges on your phone.


2. Once you install and open the app, you'll be asked if your library uses Beanstack. Click "Yup!"


3. Search for "Central Rappahannock," then select "Central Rappahannock Regional Library (VA)."


4. When you first enter CRRL's Beanstack app, you'll see a login screen. At the bottom of this screen, you'll see "Don't have an account? Sign up!" Click on "Sign up!"


5. Begin by creating your Beanstack Account. You'll be prompted to create a username and password and enter additional information like your name and contact information.


6. Once you've created your Beanstack Account, you'll create your Reader Profile. You will participate in challenges with your Reader Profile. You can also add additional Reader Profiles (family members) to your account here. For example, parents would create the family's Beanstack Account, then a separate Reader Profile for themselves and each child.


7. If you created multiple Reader Profiles, you can manage reading logs and achievements for everyone in one place. To switch between Readers, you can select your initials or your profile image (if you added one) in the top right of your screen.


8. Your Log allows you to see recent activity, books completed, badges earned, reviews written, and highlights of your activity over time.

Beanstack Tracker App: Screenshot of reading challenges

9. Reading challenges help set reading goals and offer fun activities. Earn badges for meeting reading goals and completing activities. If reading challenges are available for your age, you can see them by clicking on the Discover icon, and they will be listed under the Challenges tab at the top of your screen.

A Note on Logging Reading: Beanstack Tracker App vs. Website

There may be a very slight delay in this, but reading logged on either the mobile app or website will be synced to your account.

The mobile app tracks reading sessions, which is slightly different than the logging experience on the website, which tracks books read. Because of this, your reading may appear differently on each interface.

How To Register: Website

  1. Visit and click on the "Register an Individual or Family" button.
Screenshot of Beanstack homepage

You will be asked 2 questions:

"Have you previously used Beanstack to participate in a reading challenge?"

Click "No."

"Who would you like to register?"

Click "I am registering myself."

Provide the requested information to register. 

Screenshot of Beanstack registration page

You'll be asked to select a Challenge to participate in.

Registering unlocks the Registration badge for that challenge.


Screenshot of Beanstack challenge select page
Screenshot of registration badge being unlocked


You now have a Beanstack account to be used for any future reading challenges, and you're registered for the challenge you selected!

Click the NEXT button.

You will be asked if you would like to register another adult or child.

Click "No," unless you would like to register another person as a Reader on your account.

That's it!

You'll then see a list of challenges you're registered for, and other challenges if available.

Screenshot of challenges once logged in
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