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Your account for the library catalog (frequently called a BiblioCommons account) is not the same as a Beanstack account.

You must sign up for a Beanstack account separately.

Do not use a K-12 school email address when creating your (or your child's) Beanstack account.

Schools often block emails from outside organizations, in which case the library would be unable to assist you with your account or notify you of challenge prizes you may win. You can provide a phone number if you prefer not to provide an email address.

In addition to Summer Reading and our Winter Reading Challenge, CRRL offers reading challenges throughout the year on our Beanstack website and Beanstack Tracker App on a movile device.

Instructions to sign up for each are below.

You can log reading ANYTIME through our Beanstack app or website, but only reading logged on dates during an active challenge will count towards that challenge.

Happy reading!

Summer Challenges

Summer Reading Challenges

Summer Reading: May 15 - August 15

Launch on a reading adventure with our 2024 Summer Reading program, going on now through August 15.

Upcoming: August 1-31

It’s back to school time! Start the school year right by setting goals, getting organized, and, of course, reading.

Genre Challenge

Upcoming: September 1-December 31

Stretch your reading skills and explore new genres with this four-month long reading challenge!

Challenge yourself to read beyond what you can imagine! Expanding what you read can strengthen your reading comprehension and spark your imagination. Read new books in different genres and complete activities to earn badges.

This is not a challenge where you can log minutes and/or books. You complete activity badges in accordance to the genre of book you are reading.

Genres include:

  • Biography/Autobiography
  • Fantasy
  • Historical Fiction
  • Informational (Nonfiction)
  • Mystery
  • Poetry
  • Realistic Fiction
  • Science Fiction
  • Traditional Literature: Fairy tales, folktales, and myth


Fall Challenges

Fall Reading Challenges

Upcoming: September 1-30

Fall brings crisp, new beginnings and all things cozy! Fall into a great book this season and log your reading to earn badges.

Upcoming: September 15-October 15

National Hispanic Heritage Month is celebrated each year from 9/15 to 10/15. Join us in celebrating by logging your reading and more.

Summer Reading Challenges

Upcoming: October 1-31 (3rd-5th Grade Only)

Dive into the world of haunting, real life monsters! Log your reading as you explore these creepy critters to unlock all of your badges.

Upcoming: November 1-30 (3rd-5th Grade Only)

Log your reading as you learn about the heritage of Indigenous Americans and unlock all of the challenge’s badges!

More Fall Challenges

Ongoing Challenges

Ongoing Reading Challenges

January 1-December 31

Adventure awaits you! Sign up for our 365 day reading challenge.

Ongoing Challenge for Ages 0-5

It doesn't matter if your child is 3, or just 3 months - there's no better time to start!

Your Choice! Beanstack Tracker App and/or Beanstack Website

There are minor variations in the interface of the mobile app and website, but you can create and manager your individual or family account, log reading, and participate in challenges in both. You may prefer to use only one, or you may enjoy the flexibility of using both the  app and website together.

There may be a very slight delay, but reading logged on either the mobile app or website will be synced to your account.

How To Register: Beanstack Tracker App

Download the free Beanstack Tracker App (Apple or Android) to track your reading and participate in reading challenges on your phone.
Click "Let's Go" in order to get started.
Choose "At my library, school, or bookstore".
Click "Find a Site".
Type in "Central Rappahannock".
When you first enter the Beanstack app, you'll see a login screen. At the bottom of this screen, you'll see "Don't have an account? Sign up!" Click on "Sign up!"
You will be asked if you have previously used Beanstack in other challenges. Click "no" if you haven't signed up before. If you're not sure, click the link where it says "contact a library administrator".
Begin by creating your Beanstack Account. You'll be prompted to create a username, password, and enter additional information like your name, contact information, school (if applicable), etc.

Once you've created your Beanstack Account, you'll create your Reader Profile. You will participate in challenges with your Reader Profile. 

In your reader profile set up, you will choose what reading challenges you'd like to sign up for. Each is tailored to the age range you chose.
 If you created multiple Reader Profiles, you can manage reading logs and achievements for everyone in one place. To switch between Readers, you can select your initials or your profile image (if you added one) in the top right of your screen.
Your Log allows you to see recent activity, books completed, badges earned, reviews written, and highlights of your activity over time.
Reading challenges help set reading goals and offer fun activities. Earn badges for meeting reading goals and completing activities. If reading challenges are available for your age, you can see them by clicking on the Discover icon, and they will be listed under the Challenges tab at the top of your screen.

How To Register: Website/Desktop

Visit to get started.
Click on the "Register an Individual or Family" button.
Click "no" if you're signing up for a brand new account. If you've participated in a challenge in the past, click "yes" and it will take you to the log in screen. If you're not sure if you have an account or not, click the link "contact a library administrator" for help.
If you're signing up for an account for yourself, click "I am registering myself". If you are signing up for yourself and a child/teen, click "I am an adult registering a child".
Fill out the required information. Remember to provide an email address and/or phone number if you plan on entering drawings. This is the only way we can contact you if you win.
Select a reading challenge to sign up for. You can sign up for multiple challenges at once.
You'll earn a registration badge once you sign up for a program.
Click the NEXT button. You will be asked if you would like to register another adult or child. Click "No," unless you would like to register another person as a Reader on your account.
That's it! You now have a Beanstack account for all reading challenges for now and in the future.
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