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Summer Reading: May 15 - August 15

Launch on a reading adventure with our 2024 Summer Reading program, going on now through August 15.

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Books Browse Page - Fiction Cards

My Librarian: July 2024 Picks

The My Librarian team is here to help you find great reads and share some of their favorite titles.

Reese Witherspoon's Book Pick

Every month, actress Reese Witherspoon chooses a story she loves and announces it as her pick.

#ReadWithJenna Book Club

As you read along keep up with updates on the TODAY Show Instagram page, and use the hashtag #ReadWithJenna to make this book club your own.

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Books Browse Page - Nonfiction Books

The American Revolution in Virginia

Check out these histories to learn more about those times of danger and rebellion.

My Librarian: Bicycling

Books and films by, for, and about bikers.

Ice Cream Delights

Books with recipes for many kinds of ice cream and sorbets you can make at home.

New Nonfiction

Book Groups

Make Your Own Book Group

Make life simple for your book group by checking out a Book Group in a Bag.

This is a great option for book clubs of all kinds - personal, business, and educational. You’ll find titles that are perfect for adults, teens, or kids.

Book Corner Column

Written by Tracy, our Adult Coordinator.

Book Corner Columns

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