Ready, Set, Launchpad!

There is a new way for kids to learn at home and at the library! Playaway Launchpads are kid-friendly tablets preloaded with educational (and ad-free) apps, books, and games, available for preschool and elementary ages, for two-week checkout periods. The apps enhance skills in math, science, language learning, English language arts, critical thinking, and creativity. Launchpads are 100% safe and secure. They do not connect to wifi or request personal information. There is even a screen for an adult to check up on what a child has been playing and see which skills have been tested. Kids can score Discovery Points in each activity. With their points, they can "purchase" accessories for their own avatars.

Each Launchpad has its own theme like art, math, and reading, and features apps and games that relate to the theme. 

The Launchpads were purchased with funds graciously donated to the library in memory of Farzin Sadeghi and by author Sherryl Woods.

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