Website Polls for 2024

Poll #1: National Hobby Month

It's National Hobby Month! What new hobby do you want to pursue in 2024?

Something crafty! Drawing, painting, etc. (78)
Learning how to dance. (12)
Starting a lifestyle/food/etc. blog. (11)
Gardening, hiking, rowing - something outdoors! (35)
Picking up a musical instrument. (21)
Something else. (25)

Poll #2: Do you like snow?
Poll #1: National Snack Foods Month

February is National Snack Foods Month. What's your favorite snack?

Chips (78)
Pretzels (28)
Popcorn (77)
Peanuts (or any other kind of nut) (29)
Cookies and/or candy (105)
Something else (23)

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