Postcard Collection

The Postcard Collection

These postcards are from the collection of Fredericksburg resident De'Onne C. Scott, many of which are featured in her book Fredericksburg.

As an avid postcard collector, she has amassed hundreds of postcards depicting our area. You'll find Civil War depictions and photographs, area museums and historical landmarks, churches, schools, motels and much more.

Text on front of postcard: Fredericksburg, Virginia, from an Airplane

Text on back of postcard: "Fredericksburg was founded in 1671. It was the boyhood home of George Washington. Here were fought the greatest battles of the Civil War. It is rich in history, and visitors from all over the world visit its many places of note."

Text on front of postcard: Skyline View of Fredericksburg, Virginia, "America's Most Historic City"

Text on back of postcard: "New Bridge across the Rappahannock River, connecting Fredericksburg and The Kings Highway. This leads to the Boyhood Home of George Washington; Wakefield where he was born in 1732; and to Stratford, the birthplace of Robert E. Lee and his father LightHorse Harry Lee."

Text on front of postcard: Bridge and Skyline of Fredericksburg, Va.

Text on back of postcard: "Tradition says that the first Christian shrine in America was erected at Fredericksburg in 1571. Captain John Smith visited the site in 1608, and it was first recognized as a town in 1671. In 1727 it was founded as a city and named in honor of Frederic, Prince of Wales and father of George III."
Text on front of postcard: "Fredericksburg in 1862. Just before the Bombardment, and after the Car Bridge was burnt by the Confederate Army."
Text on front of postcard: "View of Fredericksburg, Va. From Stafford Heights showing the river frozen over."
Text on front of postcard: "Fredericksburg High School, Fredericksburg, Va."
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