Rules of Conduct for Library Customers

CRRL is committed to maintaining an environment that is conducive to all users' exercise of their constitutionally protected right to receive information. The use of the Library or its services may be denied for due cause.  Such causes include but are not limited to failure to return materials or to pay penalties, destruction of library property, disturbance of other customers, or any other objectionable conduct on library premises.   
If library staff on reasonable grounds believe that library property has not been properly checked out, customers shall allow upon request a CRRL employee or agent to inspect their belongings. 
It is the policy of CRRL to maintain a safe and healthy environment in which library users and staff can be free from harassment, intimidation, and threats to their safety and well being. Customers shall not exhibit rude or disorderly behavior while on CRRL premises by making undue noise, physical disruption, being intoxicated, being verbally abusive, engaging in sexual misconduct or harassment, stalking, voyeurism, or otherwise interfere with another’s use and enjoyment of the Library.
Customers shall not enter unauthorized areas on library premises and not enter library premises when banned. 
All customers of the Library shall comply with applicable public health codes and regulations.  
In accordance with regulations established by the fire marshall, smoking and use of tobacco products are prohibited within CRRL facilities.
The Director, Deputy Director, or any professional staff member has the authority and responsibility to deny library use for any such cause.  The following steps may be taken:  Staff may issue a verbal warning, with the statement that the person(s) will be asked to leave if the behavior in question does not cease; staff may request that the person(s) leave the Library. 
Any time a staff member feels that a patron's behavior is threatening to the safety of other customers or staff members, the staff member in charge will call the police immediately.

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