Teen Art Show 2022

Congratulations to the 2022 winners and honorees!

Submissions were judged by local artists Gabriel Pons, opens a new window and Joelle Cathleen, opens a new window. See special note from the jurors here.

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Cash prizes donated by the Friends of the Library!

Best In Show

Chagrin by Simone O.
Grade 11
Acrylic, 18 x 24 in

Winners: Grades 9-10

1st Place

by Mayte V.
Grade 10

18 x 24 in

2nd Place

Person of Butterflies and Memories
by Laila D.
Grade 10

18 x 24 in

3rd Place

Embrace of the Deep
by Amira A.
Grade 10

16 x 20 in

Honorable Mentions: Grades 9-10

The Space Between Us
by Charlotte D.
Grade 10

Tempera Paint, Oil Pastels, and India Ink
20 x 24 in

A Reader's Mind
by Bess M.
Grade 9

Watercolor and Ink
14 x 17 in

Self Hatred
by Gabriella K.
Grade 9

9 x 12 in

Three Amigos
by Y-Dan N.
Grade 9

Charcoal, Vine/Compressed
12 x 10 in

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Winners: Grades 11-12

1st Place

by Camille K.
Grade 12

Colored Pencil
24 x 18 in

2nd Place

The Crane
by Elena T.
Grade 12

Colored Pencil
11.5 x 17.5 in

3rd Place

Sea Turtle Skeleton
by Keiko H.
Grade 11

Graphite and Acrylic - Mixed Media
12 x 18 in

Honorable Mentions: Grades 11-12

by Nick B.
Grade 11

Fine Line Marker
11 X 14 in

The Chef at Lake Gaston
by Josiah L.
Grade 12

Graphite on Paper
16 x 20 in

Sheep Head
by Arianna B.
Grade 12

Scratch Board
11 x 14 in

Ghost Story
by Savannah M.
Grade 12

Pen and Ink
7 x 10 in

Essence of Time
by Sienna S.
Grade 11

2560 x 4096 px

by Gabrielle N.
Grade 12

Charcoal and watercolor
21 x 28 in

The Barn
by Abby C.
Grade 12

18 x 16 in

Basket of Squid
by Katherine R.
Grade 12

Chalk pastels, Prisma stick, and Reduction Printing Paint - Mixed Media
18 x 11.5 in

View All Entries for the 27th Teen Art Show: Grade 11-12

A message from the judges for the participants in the 27th Annual Johnny Johnson Art Show

On behalf of Joelle and I, we wanted to commend all artists that participated in this year’s virtual exhibition. We are both professional artists in the sense that we have managed to build our livelihood around our creative passions and the first step to becoming a “professional” is the willingness to share your work in the public realm. We applaud you on your bravery.

Judging this year’s show is both exhilarating and challenging. We were impressed with the breadth of media and scope of the work, but also enjoyed the emotional range of many of your efforts.

The criteria by which we juried the work included: composition, technical execution, concept and creativity within a medium, but also the ability for the work to communicate an emotion, a point in time, a narrative. Granted many award winning pieces exhibit a skilled technique, but we also chose work that ran the gamut of the creative endeavor. Art can be both expressive and introspective, a cathartic path rather than the goal. Sometimes the measure of success is whether the medium you are working with is speaking back to you.

Our award selections are a fraction of the work that we found to be inspirational, energetic, thoughtful, and most of all worthy of continuing the Artist’s path. You are all in the first chapters of what hopefully becomes an epic maker’s story. Good Luck!


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