Stop Motion Video Contest

Stop Motion Video Contest

2023 Winners & Honorable Mention

Grades 6-8

1st Place
Spy Anya: Operation Cookies by Miranda A.
Anya, who is obsessed with spy shows, goes on a top secret mission to steal the cookies.

2nd Place
The 12 Days of Anatomy by Amelia G.
A skeleton has started singing about his body in a 12 day form.

3rd Place
The Big Day by Samuel S.
A guy prepares to propose to his girlfriend.

Honorable Mention
Mr. Oinksters Goes Missing! by Audrey Z.
Lea steps away for just a second and Mr. Oinksters disappears! Where is he?

Grades 9-12

1st Place
Endless Opportunities (A Moving Picture) by Hannah B.
This video serves as an inspiration to students regarding what career they can pursue when they grow up. From painting to teaching to nursing, there really are endless opportunities!

2nd Place
The Secret Life of LEGO by Andrew D.
When a boy leaves the room, his Legos come to life.

3rd Place
To Produce a Video by Hannah B.
Kate Prince submits a video for the stop motion contest with the aid of her best friend Ashley.

Stop Motion Animation Blog

Stop-Motion Animation: A Brief History

Before you start on your own stop-motion film, read about the history of the art form.

What Is Stop Motion?

Stop motion is a film making technique that makes inanimate objects appear to move on their own. This is accomplished by taking an image of a still object, moving the object a tiny bit, then taking another image. Repeat this process, play back the sequence in rapid progression, and the object appears to move fluidly across the screen.

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