World War I: The Great War

World War I: The Great War

Photo attribution: Herbert Boykin, Engineer; from the True Sons of Freedom Exhibit
American Red Cross Parade, Birmingham, Alabama. Birmingham View Company. National Archives - 533466
367th Regiment Infantry, The "Buffaloes," presented with colors. Marching up Fifth Avenue, New York. National Archives - 533580

Featured WWI Events

Attend an exhibit or lecture series about the impact the Great War had on America and the world.

World War I: Lessons and Legacies

This free resource includes eight posters and an educators' guide that can be used to spark an inquiry-based activity in your classroom.

Images are from this free pdf.

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Booklists from the Library

Learn more about WWI and its history with these booklists curated by CRRL staff.

WWI Booklists

More History

More history across the web relating to The Great War.

Websites - WWI

Knitting for Victory

Learn how those on the Home Front showed support for the Great War with knitting needles.

Over There: A Buffalo Soldier in World War I

The story of Buffalo Soldiers' everyday lives during wartime.

African American Philadelphia Soldiers During WWI

Learn how African American Philadelphians fought for soldiers during World War I.

World War I Questionnaires Project

These questionnaires give us a glimpse into the lives of WWI veterans. Help transcribe them!
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