Art and Architecture of the US Capitol Building

From the Central Rappahannock Regional Library

Constantino Brumidi: Artist of the Capitol by Barbara A. Wolanin.
Provides a three-dimensional picture of the artist Brumidi and a fuller appreciation of Brumidi's work via the conservation effort.

Jefferson and the Arts: An Extended View by William Howard Adams.
Discusses the architecture and planning of the capital in the chapter entitled "Thomas Jefferson and the Planning of the National Capital" by Paul F. Norton.

Picturing History: American Painting, 1770-1930 by William Ayres.
Contains a chapter discussing the eight large paintings in the Capitol's Rotunda.

The Story of the Capitol by Marilyn Prolman.
Traces the history of the U.S. Capitol from the contest to determine the design to the refacing in 1961.

Web Sites

Architectural Features and Historic Spaces
Originally designed to house the United States Congress, the neoclassical design has been maintained during the building's modifications. Links to the various areas of the Capitol with descriptions.

Capitol Savages: Representation of American Indians in the 1850s U.S. Capitol
"The United States Capitol artwork forms a visual narrative that reveals how the artists, and the Federal Government who commissioned them, envisioned America." This Web site presents the prevailing viewpoints regarding American Indians in 1850s America through the artwork in the Capitol.

Works of Art in the Capitol Complex
The Capitol Complex art reflects the development of the United States and the Congress. Links to the artwork with descriptions.

This webliography accompanied the Lunch With History lecture "Art & Architecture of the United States Capitol Building," presented by Thomas Somma, Director, Mary Washington College Galleries, on June 18, 2003.