Library Cards and Free Books for Kindergarten Students

What's the most important card you own? Here at CRRL, we think it's your library card! A library card is a key to lifelong learning, a ticket to new opportunities and experiences, and an all-access pass to everything CRRL has to offer. From January 13-17, kindergarten students in Spotsylvania, Stafford, and Westmoreland counties and the City of…
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New Kid by Jerry Craft

By Annie Brulatour Twelve-year-old Jordan Banks loves art and wants to go to art school so that he can grow up to be an artist. However, his parents think he will have a better chance at success in a private school. Now Jordan is the new kid at Riverdale Academy Day School, miles away from…
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Learn to Keyboard

By Mary Buck "Keyboarding is a motor skill," Nansen noted. "It is a matter of training fingers to respond correctly and quickly to press the correct key — kind of like in athletics where you keep doing it over and over again until it becomes habit." —"Teaching Keyboarding — When? Why? How?" Education World, 2/02/2001…
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