Martha Washington: An American Life

Patricia Brady

"Martha Custis was an attractive, wealthy widow and the mother of two young children when she agreed to marry again in 1759 and begin a new life as Martha Washington. For the next forty-one years, Martha was not only her husband's beloved partner, but also the absolute mainstay of his increasingly powerful and stressful life. Far from the kindly frump of popular mythology, Brady has discovered a decisive, indomitable woman who contributed greatly to the character of the new country in war and peace." (Book Description)


Three Cups of Tea: One Man's Mission to Promote Peace . . . One School at a Time 

Greg Mortenson

"Three Cups of Tea traces Mortenson's decade-long odyssey to build schools (especially for girls), throughout the region that gave birth to the Taliban and sanctuary to Al Qaeda. In a region where Americans are often feared and hated, he has survived kidnapping, fatwas issued by enraged mullahs, death threats, and wrenching separations from his wife and children. But his success speaks for itself--at last count, his Central Asia Institute had built fifty-five schools." (Book Description)


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Last Lecture 

Randy Pausch with Jeffrey Zaslow

"Reflections of a Carnegie Mellon computer science professor who lectured on 'Really achieving your childhood dreams,' shortly after having been diagnosed with terminal cancer. His advice concerned seizing the moment while living, rather than dying." (Book Description)


Mosby and his Rangers: Adventures of the Gray Ghost

By Susan Provost Beller

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Describes how Colonel John Mosby and his partisan soldiers conducted successful guerrilla warfare on Northern troops during the Civil War.

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Jeb Stuart: Confederate Cavalry General

By Lynda Pflueger

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Traces the life of the famous Confederate general from his childhood in Virginia through his West Point education and brilliant military career to his death following the Battle of Yellow Tavern.

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Lincoln: A Photobiography

By Russell Freedman

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A Newbery Award-winning book that traces the life of the Civil War President in photographs and text.

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Commander in Chief Abraham Lincoln and the Civil War

By Albert Marrin

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A well-researched and well-written book about the presidency of Abraham Lincoln. Includes lots of explanations of the differences between today's world and that of Civil War America.

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Abraham Lincoln

By Amy L. Cohn

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A short and breezy biography of the Great Emancipator.

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Westward with Columbus

By John Dyson

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In the summer of 1990, a crew of adventurers, including the author, faithfully reenacted Columbus's famous voyage in a replica of the Nina. From this modern voyage, the book flashes back to life aboard the original ships, where readers will meet a fictional cabin boy and witness the entire voyage through his eyes.
A Time Quest Book.

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The Story of Columbus

By Anita Ganeri

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In easy language, the book describes how Christopher Columbus survived danger on his voyages to the New World. A Dorling Kindersley, Level 2 beginning reader, good for students who are starting to read on their own but still need some help. Includes maps and many illustrations.

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