It's Elementary! Geometry for Grade School Students

There's more to math than addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Once people used math to explore shapes, all kinds of engineering feats were possible. The ancient Egyptians used their knowledge of geometry to create impressive monuments that survive to this day. Later, ancient Greeks studied what the Egyptians and the Babylonians knew of geometry to create a formal set of geometric rules called Euclidean geometry, named for the famous philosopher and mathematician Euclid. In the last century and a half, we've gone on to learn how fractal geometry in the natural world (clouds, rocks, and plants such as ferns) works. Fractal equations are extremely complicated, usually require a machine to solve, and are most often stored and displayed on computers. The basics of geometry are not so difficult. You must learn the types of angles and shapes and how to determine their area, diameter, and so on. These books provide a fun introduction to beginning geometry through stories, easy explanations, and activities.

Anno's Math Games III

By Anno

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Games that guide learning about abstract thinking, circuitry, geometry, and topology.

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