Horror fiction


By Bram Stoker

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This classic vampire novel will hold you in suspense and keep your heart pounding to the very end.

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When a book "calls" to you, go for it!

Joe Hill

You can tell a book by its cover.  So, if a book’s cover or title “calls” to you, it's karma - pick it up! A couple of years ago I was in the library and a book by a debut author was in display. The Heart-Shaped Box by Joe Hill was definitely calling to me. I thought, “Who is this Joe Hill? I don’t know him and maybe his book isn’t good.”
A couple of weeks later a patron came into my office and asked me, “Have you ever read anything by Joe Hill?”
        “No. Why? Is he good?” I asked.
        “Well, you know that he is Stephen King’s son. I wanted to see if he writes like his father.” 
         Now I am kicking myself mentally!  I should have listened to the book calling me! I ran to the display and thankfully it was still there!

666: The Number of the Beast

By Amelia Atwater-Rhodes and Joyce Carol Oates and Christopher Pike

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In 18 original supernatural stories by such renowned authors as Bentley Little, Joyce Carol Oates, and Christopher Pike, the nature of the beast is examined. Vampires, hauntings, sacrifices, and diabolical faeries abound in these works of suspense and horror.


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