Language is an Adventure at Your Library This Summer

Are you ready for a summer adventure of learning a new language and exploring another culture? Learn with Mango Languages' with these exciting and free resources. Sign up for our Summer Reading challenge, if you haven't already and log whatever you want from now until August 15. Earn tickets and turn them in for a chance to win prizes at the end of the summer.

Summer Language Challenge & Mango Movies

Engage with a new language with this Bingo-style summer language challenge sheet. From in-lesson questions to telling someone about the language you're learning,you're sure to get Bingo quickly. Mango movies are feature-length films in an array of languages that present authentic cultural content and help build foundational language skills, including grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation. The movies are divided up into four categories, "All Ages," "Ages 8+," "Ages 13+," and "Ages 18+". 

Ahoy Matey! Learn Pirate Language 

Shiver me timbers! Some languages on Mango are just for fun. Find out your pirate name with this pirate name generator, or complete the Pirate Language word search. Share your pirate language learning adventure on social with these downloadable social media posts: option #1 and option #2.

Little Pim: Language Learning for Children

Little Pim takes children on a world-wide language learning adventure in short five-minute videos. Download these coloring sheets, and watch learning videos for free on Little Pim's YouTube channel. You can also browse Little Pim resources on the Mango mobile app!

American Sign Language Now Available on Mango

Mango has partnered with ASL Inside, a leading ASL video platform, to offer self-paced courses designed to meet your learning speed. There's even a feature called "Magic Mirror," which enables instant visual comparison for accurate sign modeling. Video content includes cultural and grammar notes, vocabulary, and more.

Good luck on your summer language-learning adventure! For more online learning opportunities check out our other database that offers language courses, Transparent Language, also accessible with your CRRL card.