18th century

African-American History of Stafford, Virginia

(This brochure was originally printed in the fall of 2002.)

Colonial Times

Africans first arrived in the Virginia colony in 1619 as indentured servants. In the late 1600s slaves were brought into the sparsely settled Rappahannock Valley, primarily to serve as agricultural laborers.

Walk Through History . . . Caroline Street

By The Fredericksburg Area Tourism Department

130 Caroline
Built c. 1855. The style and design of this Greek Revival townhouse is identical to its neighboring duplexes, although this is a single family dwelling. Extensive changes have altered the architectural similarities shared with 132-138. Note bay window and wing additions.




The New Cambridge Modern History: VII. The Old Regime 1713 - 63.

By J. O. Lindsay

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A political, military, and diplomatic history of the period with a special emphasis on international trade, technological progress and colonization, and European domination.

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George III: A Personal History

By Christopher Hibbert

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A more thorough and evenhanded examination of George III's character than Americans usually see. An early chapter is devoted to an exploration of George III's father, Prince Frederick. Also available on audiocassette.

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Coffee Houses: A Tradition Dating to Colonial Times

With steaming cups in hand, today's Fredericksburg area coffee shops continue a tradition which dates back three centuries to the founding of the town.

Walk in gentlemen, rest at your ease,
Pay for what you call for, and call for what you please.

This verse hung over the doorway of The Coffee House in old Fredericksburg. Located in the first Market House/Town Hall on Caroline Street near William, it was here that 18th- and 19th-century Fredericksburgers sipped their favorite brew and pondered questions from the political to the classical.

Houses Virginians Have Loved

By Agnes Rothery

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Old house lovers, rejoice! This classic from the 1950s gives a friendly tour of some of Virginia's most historic houses, many of which were built in the Georgian style.

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Great Georgian Houses of America

By Dover Publications

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This two-volume Dover reprint of 1933—1937 book has over 400 pen and ink drawings of 77 homes of the Georgian period. Includes introductory essays that discuss the place of architecture in early American culture, the major architects of the period, and the development of regional styles

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Fielding Lewis and the Washington Family: A Chronicle of 18th-Century Fredericksburg

By Paula S. Felder

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Local historian Paula Felder has researched the Lewis and Washington connections thoroughly and gives an interesting yet scholarly introduction to Kenmore's first family and its more famous relations.

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Classic Georgian Style

By Henrietta Spencer-Churchill

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A thorough detailing of the landscaping and interior design that defined Georgian style. Includes an overview of the Georgian and Regency periods (1714 to 1830), a glossary, and a design directory of the masters of Georgian style, such as Palladio, Chippendale, and Repton.

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