Struts & Frets by Jon Skovron

Sammy Bojar plays guitar in Tragedy of Wisdom with a frightening and talentless lead singer (guess which member chose the name). Most of their practices end in a ragin' tantrum. It looks like a dead-end situation for Sammy and his crew, until a battle of the bands competition gives them a possible chance to record a song for radio play. As Sammy struggles to gain control of his songwriting career, he is helped by his paranoid jazz pianist grandfather and his old best friend/new girlfriend, Jen5. 

Jon Skovron’s debut novel Struts & Frets manages to be authentic in its language and characterization every step of the way. The book is littered with the sort of phrases and people that I can swear I heard and met in high school and at local concerts when I was a teen, right down to the friend who can play video game theme songs with his sweaty, sweaty hand-farts.

Simple Loving: A Path to Deeper, More Sustainable Relationships

By Janet Luhrs

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"Janet Luhrs, a leading voice of the simplicity movement, has shown thousands of readers how to live more fully by living more consciously. Now she shows us how we can use the same principles to enhance our most important relationships and help them endure over time. From learning to know yourself authentically to being together with your partner to facing day-to-day problems as a couple, Simple Loving offers a path to greater intimacy and joy. This book is about creating open space and open time, and letting go of the busy pace and demands of everyday life so that we can go deeper within ourselves, and with our partners." (Publisher's description)

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