Games From Long Ago

By Bobbie Kalman

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Looks at the many different games children played in the nineteenth century and describes the rules and play in detail.

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Civil War Days: Discover the Past with Exciting Projects, Games, Activities, and Recipes

By David C. King

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Discusses what life was like for Americans during the Civil War; follows a year in the lives of two fictional families: a white family from the South and a black family from the North; and presents projects and activities from that time period.

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Projects about Plantation Life

By Marian Broida

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Presents information about life in Virginia, South Carolina, and Mississippi between 1770 and 1860 and provides instructions for making such related projects as a Commonplace book, a folk remedy for colds, a recipe for Hoppin' John, and a girls' game called Graces.
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About Anno

Mitsumasi Anno grew up in a traditional, beautiful Japanese village named Tsuwano, far away from any bustling city. Although he and his family lived near the sea, the mountains all around kept Anno from experiencing its vastness until he was older. When he was a child, he drew pictures of things he could see and also imagine: mountains, houses, and ghosts. His parents ran an inn, and the colorful magazines lying about for the guests' enjoyment were a big source of inspiration to him as he developed his love of drawing.

Colonial Virginia

What was it like to live long ago when Virginia belonged to England? When there were no cars, no computers, no hospitals and no public schools?

Without cars, trains or airplanes, people traveled by boat, horseback or on foot by "shank's mare". The reason so many colonial towns were located next to rivers is that often the roads were terrible seas of mud. It was so much easier to travel on the rivers!