Family Life

My Diary from Here to There / Mi diario de aquí hasta allá

By Amada Irma Pérez

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A young girl describes her feelings when her father decides to leave their home in Mexico to look for work in the United States.

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Families: A Celebration of Diversity, Commitment, And Love

By Aylette Jenness

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Photographs and text depict the lives of seventeen families from around the country, some with step relationships, divorce, gay parents, foster siblings, and other diverse components. J306.85 Je

Suggested for ages 8 - 13

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Just Like a Baby

By Rebecca Bond

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Grandparents, parents and young brother all contribute to the beautiful cradle for the new baby. JE Fic Bon

Suggested for ages 3 - 6

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Little Monster Did It

By Helen Cooper

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A small girl's favorite plush toy seems to be responsible for the mischievous "accidents" that begin occurring when a new baby brother joins the household. JE Fic Coo

Suggested for ages 3 - 7

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On the Day I Was Born

By Debbi Chocolate

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An extended African-American family celebrates the birth of a baby boy. JE Fic Cho

Suggested for ages 2 - 6

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The Childtimes of Eloise Greenfield

When she was a very young woman, Eloise asked her grandma to tell her stories about growing up in the countryside of North Carolina. Eloise was born there, too—in a little place called Parmele. In her grandparents' day, the Parmele lumber mill provided lots of work for people. But with the trees gone and the mill just a memory, the mostly black families who lived there got by as best they could.

Paula Danziger Was Always a Kid at Heart

Paula Danziger sometimes said she wished she had had her own books to read when she was growing up. As the nerdy, clueless daughter in a family where Dad yelled and Mom just tried to make Dad happy, life was not fun. When her dad said mean things to her, Paula would tell herself that someday she would put it in a book. And she did.

Jacqueline Woodson: Love Is Tough, But Words Are Beautiful

Jacqueline Woodson was born on February 12, 1963, in Columbus, Ohio. She had her growing up days in both South Carolina and Brooklyn, New York. One reason that she writes is because she believes that "language can change the world."

When she was young, she rarely saw books that had pictures of people who looked like her or her family or her friends. Her books have helped to fill in that gap, making it easier for libraries to succeed in their mission of letting every child find herself in a book.

Muddling Through Midlife

Good health, enough wealth, long life, happy families—the stuff that dreams are made of. But most Americans' lives fall short in one or more of these areas, and often it's the midlife years (40s to 50s) where things start to go haywire. If you're one of the many, many people who feel that just when they got the hang of the game, the rules completely changed, read on.


Work, Retirement, and Financial Planning

What's different about money management at midlife?