Dear Mr. Jefferson: Letters from a Nantucket Gardener

By Laura Simon

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A modern gardener/historical romance novelist combines her thoughts on creating a thriving garden with Jefferson's own writings on the subject to craft a dialogue between avid horticulturalists, past and present. Also available on audio.

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Archaeology and the Colonial Gardener

By Audrey Noel Hume

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Gardening meets archaeology in this publication from the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation.
Available to read in our Virginiana Room at the Headquarters branch.

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A Garden for Cutting: Gardening for Flower Arrangements

By Margaret Parke

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This book expands the traditional notion of the cutting garden and shows how any part of the garden landscape can provide a wealth of fresh flowers and foliage for glorious year-round arrangements. Plant lists, suggested reading and bibliography, sources.

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64 Yard and Garden Projects You Can Build Yourself

By Monte Burch

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The popular author of Building Small Barns, Sheds, and Shelters and other build-it-yourself titles now offers a book filled with simple, inexpensive ways to build many items featured at much higher prices in garden supply shops and catalogs. Includes step-by-step instructions, plus sections on selecting materials and tools.

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The Imaginary Garden

By Andrew Larsen, illustrated by Irene Luxbacher

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Poppa's move to an apartment brings his gardening to an end until granddaughter Theo comes up with an idea to grow a new, imaginary garden! JE Lar
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Growing Colors

By Bruce McMillan

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Photographs of green peas, yellow corn, red potatoes, purple beans, and other fruits and vegetables illustrate the many colors of nature. JE Fic McM

Suggested for ages 3 - 7

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A Backyard Oasis

Sitting by a garden pond, watching bright fish weave their way through tangles of lilies while listening to sounds of rushing water—does this sound good to you? When we moved into our house we inherited a fish tank and found out just how nice it was. Unfortunately, the tank resembled a moonshine bathtub. So we have decided to give the fish a new home. Planning the pond has been fun, but there are a lot of things to consider before you start digging.

The Subject Is Roses

If you are asked to visualize a flower in your mind, chances are, you will visualize a rose. You can find roses in a child's drawing, grandmother's wallpaper and the family room’s sofa. Roses have been loved for thousands of years, throughout many civilizations.

Growing a "Greener" Garden and Lawn

Does hot July find your lawn a patchy, scorched remnant of greener times? Perhaps it bothers you that your green recycling efforts may be countered by the water and chemicals that seem necessary to maintain the visible herbal greenness.

Why Even Have a Lawn?

Well, they're a terrific place for the kids to play. Summer evenings + cool, green lawn + kids = throwing a football. Red Light—Green Light. Badminton. Wading pools. Water games. Tire swings. Firefly captures. Etc.