King Arthur

The Squire's Tale

By Gerald Morris

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In medieval England, fourteen-year-old Terence finds his tranquil existence suddenly changed when he becomes the squire of the young Gawain of Orkney and accompanies him on a long quest, proving Gawain's worth as a knight and revealing an important secret about his own true identity. First in a series of tales set in the world of knights and adventure. J Fic Mor
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By Hudson Talbot

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Lancelot is welcomed into the court of King Arthur as a valiant fighter and later rescues Queen Guinevere, fights the tournament at Astolat, and pursues other adventures. J398.22 Ta
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The Sword in the Stone

By T.H. White

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A classic retelling of the Arthurian legend. J Fic Whi
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Knights of the Kitchen Table

By Jon Scieszka

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Joe receives a magic book for his birthday present from his uncle. Joe, Fred and Sam are transported to a time when evil knights, fire-breathing dragons and vile-smelling giants roamed the land. J Fic Sci
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The Raven Warrior

By Alice Borchardt

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This Guinevere is no starry-eyed princess, only good for looking beautiful and breaking kingdoms in two. Guinevere, Queen of the Dragon Throne, calls upon the spirits of the dead to aid her fledgling army in battling pirates, an action that changes her own soul irrevocably. Meanwhile, a shape shifter and childhood friend named Black Leg (soon to be Lancelot) goes on a hero's quest to prove himself worthy of his beloved Guinevere.


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Discovering the Real World of Harry Potter (Video)

By J.K. Rowling, narrated by Hugh Laurie

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Explore the myths and legends that inhabit the world of Harry Potter; learn about witches and wizards, Greek gods, the Celts, ghosts, magical creatures and ancient spells. Discover where a school like Hogwarts is located, what lies beneath Platform 9 3/4 at King's Cross Station, what ancient civilization had a 3-headed dog like Fluffy, what are the real origins of the Philosopher's Stone, and what links Harry Potter to the journeys made by King Arthur and Odysseus.
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Extraordinary Adventures of Alfred Kropp

By Rick Yancey

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Through a series of dangerous and violent misadventures, teenage loser Alfred Kropp rescues King Arthur's legendary sword Excalibur from the forces of evil. 

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A Squire's Tale and a Wizard's Dreams

The Squire's Tale by Gerald Morris

Gawain of Orkney doesn't need a squire. He's yet to make it to King Arthur's court to be knighted, and if he does need a squire later, he has a few brothers in the hinterlands who will do. For his part, Terence was perfectly happy taking care of his foster father, the hermit Trevisant. He was a kind boy and an excellent cook, though granted a bit confused at present. Just recently the trees had started talking to him.

The Merry Days of Howard Pyle, (1853 - 1911)

He drew pirates and knights, fair ladies and fairy tales. His illustrated books on Robin Hood and King Arthur are still treasured by children today.

At the Start

Howard Pyle grew up in Wilmington, Delaware surrounded by family and friends. His mother read to him all sorts of marvelous stories, and they had illustrations from the magazines pinned to the walls of their home.

Rosemary Sutcliff: “One of the Minstrelsy”

“And then suddenly the wolf was there. With a crashing of twigs and small branches it sprang into the open, then, seeing the hunters all about it, checked almost in mid spring, swinging its head from side to side, with laid-back ears and wrinkled muzzle: a great, brindled dog wolf, menace in every raised hackle.”
(From Warrior Scarlet)

Rosemary Sutcliff’s splendid stories take place in Britain’s distant past. Shining Roman spears. Cloth woven red for warrior valor. A broken bit of barley cake on a hearth whose ashes grow cold. The last signal fire against the darkness of a massing enemy.