Hush Little Baby: A Folk Song with Pictures

By Marla Frazee

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A jealous little girl and her new baby brother star in this humorous version of an old folk lullaby. JE Fic Hus

Suggested for up to age 5

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The Wheels on the Bus

By Maryann Kovalski

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While a grandmother and grandchildren wait for the bus, they sing the title song with such gusto they miss their bus. JE Fic Kov

Suggested for ages 1 - 6

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Give the Dog a Bone

By Steven Kellogg (author, illustrator)

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In this variation of the familiar song, "This Old Man," an increasing number of dogs look for treats. JE Fic Kel

Suggested for ages 4 - 7

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Halloween Fun

Get ready for some spooky good times! We found lots of games to play, stories to share, crafts and recipes beyond compare. Learn to make your own costume, have a creepy cool party, carve a pumpkin, and get lots more tips to make this Halloween the best one ever.

Red, White, and Blue Music

On July 4th, burgers sizzle on the grill, and cold drinks are passed around. Happy dogs play with frisbees, and sunburned kids finally climb out of the pool. In the growing darkness, fireworks begin to crackle and zoom overhead. At last a special song starts playing, and everyone gets quiet as they remember the reason for the celebration.