I Ain't Gonna Paint No More!

By Karen Beaumont, David Catrow (illustrator)

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In the rhythm of a familiar folk song, a child cannot resist adding one more dab of paint in surprising places. JE Fic Bea
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By Sarah Perry

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Illustrations present such imaginative possibilities as worms with wheels, caterpillar toothpaste, and whales in outer space. JE Fic Per
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Little Cloud

By Eric Carle

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A little cloud becomes all sorts of things--sheep, an airplane, trees, a hat--before joining other clouds and raining.

Suggested for ages 3 - 5

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Close Your Eyes

By Kate Banks

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"Dark is just the other side of light. It's what comes before dreams."
Mother tiger soothes her cub who doesn't want to go to sleep. A good choice to share with young ones in the tradition of The Runaway Bunny.

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Moon Tiger

By Phyllis Root

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Jessica is sent to bed early for her mischievous ways but she's soon off on a flight of imagination with the mysterious Moon Tiger.
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The Hello, Goodbye Window

By Norton Juster, illustrated by Chris Raschka

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The first picture book by the author of the classic "The Phantom Tollbooth" tells the story of a little girl who finds a magic gateway in the kitchen window of her grandparents' house, and the voyage of discovery she takes.
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Olivia Saves The Circus

By Ian Falconer

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Olivia is definitely a pig with panache! Stylish, witty illustrations and a four-page fold-out capture the extravaganza as she regales classmates with tales of summer vacation when she “knew how to do everything” to save the circus. Brava, Olivia! JE Fic Fal

Suggested for ages 3 - 7

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Hurrah for Astrid Lindgren!

When Astrid Lindgren was a little girl, a friend read her stories about the giant, Bam-Bam, and the fairy, Viribunda. Astrid Lindgren loved these stories. Some part of the author never grew up and the result is the enchanting adventures of the Children of Noisy Village, Ronia, the Robber's Daughter, and, of course, Pippi Longstocking.

"I write books for the child I am myself. I write about things that are dear to me--trees and houses and nature--just to please myself."

Eleanor Estes: A Childhood Shared

Eleanor Ruth Rosenfeld (Estes) loved to tell stories to children. She began by working as a children's assistant in her hometown library, but when she became sick with tuberculosis, she spent the quiet days of her recovery writing down her childhood memories as a series of stories for young readers.

In The Moffats, a terrific family, growing up during tough times in Cranbury, Connecticut in the 1910s, face calamity when the landlord puts a "For Sale" sign on their beloved yellow house. Janey's widowed mother works as a seamstress every day to put food on the table, coal in the grate, and clothes on their backs, but there isn't enough money left to buy a home. Week after week, month after month, the kids--fifteen-year-old Sylvie, twelve-year-old Joey, nine-year-old Janey, and five-year-old Rufus--expect the worst: that someone will buy their house, and then what will happen?

Katherine Paterson's Healing Words

Best known for her Newbery Award-winning books, Jacob Have I Loved, as well as Newbery Honor winner, The Great Gilly Hopkins, Katherine Paterson's very personal style of storytelling strikes nerves with her readers, who are able feel her characters' emotions, giving them practice for dealing with life's sorrows. What keeps her books from being simple studies in misery is her ability to find the humor and grace in any situation.