Bedhead Ted by Scott SanGiacomo

By Colleen Hybl

Being different is not always fun, as Ted knows firsthand. Ted has bright red hair that grows uncontrollably and quickly, due to “overactive hair follicles.” This means he gets picked on by people at school, and so does his best friend Stacy, due to his name. While school is not great, after school is quite fun as Ted tries to help Stacy find the Brookside Beast, a giant raccoon that is rumored to have terrorized the town. When former bullies become friends with Stacy, Ted begins to feel left out even though he wants to share with Stacy that he has discovered his wild hair also has an amazing ability, due to a genetic trait. After talking to his grandma and alleged mean girl Jayla, Ted realizes that maybe things are not as bad as they seem, and he can be friends with Stacy and the former bullies. With the friendship situation fixed, it is up to Ted, Stacy, and their new friends to figure out the true mystery behind the Brookside Beast.

For a fun mystery story that's also about friendship and being different, check out Bedhead Ted,, opens a new window by Scott SanGiacomo.