Bloom by Kenneth Oppel

by Colleen Hybl

Sometimes it seems like invasions always start off with a bang, but that is not what happens this time. It begins with rain that contains foreignno, alienseeds. The first invader was a black grass that took over everything; then came the toxic pollen, but the worst were the plants that could swallow cars, animals, and people whole. Everyone was affected by these alien plants, except for Anaya, Petra, and Seth.

Before the rain, they were plagued by strange allergies and physical anomalies. Anaya was allergic to practically everything. Petra was allergic to water. Seth had surgery to remove an anomaly from his body. After the strange rain fell and alien plants grew, Anaya lost her allergies, Petra became able to tolerate water, and Seth’s aberrations started growing back. These three teens might be the key to stopping the plant invasion before the next rain comes and Earth is completely overrun. 

Bloom is a science fiction thriller that should excite readers to the very surprising end. With twists and reveals, this science fiction novel will leave readers clamoring for more. Bloom is the first entry in The Overthrow trilogy.