is one of the best free cultural and educational media sites on the Internet. The website was founded in 2006 by Dan Coleman, who is the Director and Associate Dean of Stanford University’s Continuing Education Program. Though Open Culture is not affiliated with Stanford, it seems to be well suited to providing intelligent, relevant information. In keeping with the theme of relevancy, Open Culture can be followed on TwitterFacebook and you can subscribe to the site to receive regular updates through email as well.  

The setup of the website is akin to a blog style website with multiple posts that make the front page everyday. Each one provides a bite sized taste of what the website has to offer. Open Culture has information and resources that touch on nearly every knowledge base.  Along the top and right hand side of the site are links to the various resources the website provides. This is where the real strength of the website shines through.

For anyone who thought learning a language was too pricy an attempt will be glad to know that Open Culture provides links to free lessons for Bulgarian and Hindi and nearly everything in between. Audiobooks, movies and college courses are also offered, free of charge. While the textbooks seem to be available online only, everything else is available for download or through iTunes. Open Culture operates on a simple premise, to find and organize free, high quality, intelligent media. The result is an exemplary collection of the best of what the Internet has to offer. Each resource provided here shouldn’t be thought of as just a free link, but an opportunity to learn something new.