Let’s Go on a Scavenger Hunt!

By Colleen Hybl

“The thing you seek is not meek. The name may sound like a treat, but it is not sweet.” 

Clues, riddles, and puzzles—whether they are incredibly confusing or amazingly easy—are the name of the game in these books. Each one features a scavenger hunt of some kind. 

In the first book, Emily is an avid participant in an online game called Book Scavenger, opens a new window. Books are hidden somewhere, and players have to follow a clue to get the book. When Emily moves to San Francisco, home to Garrison Griswold, the mastermind behind Book Scavenger, she accidentally becomes involved in a game that seems to have been created by him, except he is in a coma. It is up to Emily and her new friend James to find a precious book before Griswold’s attackers get it.  

Quest is the ultimate scavenger hunt at GeekiCon! where the ultimate prize is to meet the creator of the game, which is amazing, except for some problems. First, the scavenger hunt is not officially sanctioned by the comic convention. Second, twins Cat and Alex have to ditch their older sister Fi to participate. Third, the twins are fighting. Will they get their prize, or will it all go down in flames in Con Quest!?

Did anyone really know Papa Kwirk? That is what Orion and his family are going to find out in John David Anderson’s Finding Orion, opens a new window when they attend Papa Kwirk’s funeral. As they are about to bury his body, they discover Papa Kwirk is missing. But there is a clue. Now, the family is out to find him, which can help them gain closure. 

I hope you will enjoy one of these books, and maybe you will solve the puzzle before the characters do! 

“I know! The next clue is by the honey badger statue! Let’s go!”