A Smashing Good Time: Trebuchet Contest Winners Announced

May all beware the might of Princess Sparkle Glitter Punch, Trebuchet 9000 2.0, Hurler, Castle Gayle, and Daedra-chet.

This season, "Princess Sparkle Glitter Punch" was a star in CRRL's trebuchet competition, hurling its payload more than 20 feet! It was also judged most creative in the family trebuchet category.

However, it was "Trebuchet 9000 2.0" that captured the family category prize for accuracy, with launches that landed only 2'3" apart. It also earned a second place for creativity due to its use of scented markers. The family trebuchet "Hurler" received second place for its precision.

A trebuchet created by students from Gayle Middle School and loyally dubbed "Castle Gayle" also took the field.

With maturity comes wisdom and cunning. Numerous designs from an adult competitor exceeded 100 feet in their throws, with "Daedra-chet" making the furthest mark at 190 feet!

A trebuchet, for those not familiar with the term, was a popular element in medieval siege warfare. Trebuchets hurled missiles at town walls and castle defenses, with the aim of knocking holes large enough to let the invaders come through. They were often given names, a tradition we carried on in this competition.

Unlike a catapult, a trebuchet uses weight instead of tension on a cord to throw its load. A cord or rope can only stretch so far, but there isn't a practical limit on how heavy a weight can be, so trebuchets were usually much more powerful than catapults.

The library has several books about trebuchets, and our MakerLab offered sessions on designing these medieval marvels of martial mechanism.

Are you ready for the challenge? We will be having a competition again in 2019, and we welcome families and individuals of all ages to show us their most creative, accurate, and powerful designs.