What Lives in the Woods

By Colleen Hybl

Woodmoor Manor is at the center of some bizarre rumors. One rumor says that mutant creatures called hitchhikers roam the woods nearby. Another rumor has it that the mansion is haunted, which Ginny can believe. Ginny and her family are living in the mansion for the summer as her Dad tries to figure out how the historical society can make the century-old, 26-room manor house more suitable for hosting events.

The longer Ginny stays at the dilapidated mansion, the more she discovers that something -is- up, as she sees strange shadows and hears whispers in her room. Like the detectives in her beloved Agatha Christie novels, Ginny is determined to solve the mystery of this haunted house with the help of her new friend Will. Will and his brother provide a possible clue to the hauntings at the mansion, which puts Ginny one step closer to solving the mystery.

What Lives in the Woods, opens a new window, by Lindsay Currie, is a mystery/horror novel with a supernatural bent. Readers who like getting scared may enjoy this novel, but some hardcore horror fans may think it is too tame. While the resolution is supernatural, the conclusion is about the same level of scary as a Scooby-Doo mystery, meaning it is probably not as scary as the audience was led to believe. As of this writing, it is a standalone story.