When We Collided by Emery Lord

By Kari Patrick

In When We Collided, Emery Lord introduces us to Jonah and Vivi, two teenagers who are struggling through their own personal issues. Jonah's father has passed away. His mother is despondent at best, and all of the responsibilities of the house - from taking care of his siblings to running the family business to paying the bills - have been taken on by Jonah.

Vivi recently found out that she suffers from bipolar disorder. She has not had an easy time coming to terms with her diagnosis, including despising taking her prescribed medications because of how they make her feel. When the two cross paths early one summer, a romance quickly blooms.

With neither one quite able to accept or properly manage the troubles and truths in their own lives, their relationship develops its own complications. With so much responsibility at home, Jonah is both intrigued and hampered by just how seemingly carefree Vivi lives her life. As both learn, it is hard to let others in when you're trying to keep even yourself - as best you can - out.

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When We Collided