Dig It! Gardening With CRRL

Dig It! Gardening with CRRL

Salem Church Community Garden

CRRL Donations to Local Area Food Banks in 2019

637 pounds of produce donated
During the spring, summer, and fall, our gardens at the Porter, Howell, and Salem Church branches grow fresh produce to S.E.R.V.E & Fredericksburg Regional Food Bank

1,104 pounds of food donated through branch collections
The Howell and Porter branches collect non-perishable food year-around for S.E.R.V.E

3,633 pounds of food collected for the Food for Fines initiative in October

Total = 5,284 pounds of produce and non-perishable food in 2019

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Helpful Gardening Books

On Kanopy

On Kanopy: Portrait of a Garden

Chronicling four seasons in the life of a restored 17th-century Dutch garden, the film follows two gardeners at work.

On Kanopy

On Kanopy: Gardening with Soul

This lively, beautifully shot documentary is about dedicated garden enthusiasts, the Sisters of Compassion in Wellington, England.

Scented Geraniums Were Stars in Victorian Bouquets

Scented Geraniums Were Stars in Victorian Bouquets

Scented geraniums' fragrant leaves made them the secret stars of Victorian Valentine bouquets.

Make a Terrarium

Make a Terrarium

Whether it's filled with mossy rocks and ferns or sands and cactus, a terrarium is an amazingly fun way to learn more about nature.…

Naturally Crafty

How to Be Naturally Crafty

During nice weather, take time in the cool mornings to gather together pieces of nature to work into craft projects in the afternoons.
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