Booklists for UMW’s Great Lives Lecture Series

Booklists for UMW's Great Lives Lecture Series

In response to the COVID-19 epidemic, UMW has canceled all Great Lives programs have been cancelled, through April 2 effective immediately.

Updates will be provided regarding the two remaining lectures: April 7th on Khrushchev and April 14th on Pioneer Female Aviators.


This William B. Crawley Great Lives Lecture Series is open to the public free of charge and no admission tickets are required.

CRRL librarians have hand-pick titles to accompany each lecture.

All programs begin at 7:30 pm in Dodd Auditorium in George Washington Hall.

University of Mary Washington


Ronald Reagan

UMW Great Lives: Ronald Reagan

Tuesday, January 21. Lecture by Craig Shirley, author of "Rendezvous with Destiny: Ronald Reagan & the Campaign that Changed America"

Tiger Woods

UMW Great Lives: Tiger Woods

Thursday, January 23. Lecture by Jeff Benedict, author of the 2018 biography "Tiger Woods"

D-Day Girls

UMW Great Lives: D-Day Girls

Tuesday, January 28. Lecture by Sarah Rose, author of "D-Day Girls: The Spies Who Armed the Resistance"

JFK/James Bond

UMW Great Lives: JFK/James Bond

Thursday, January 30. Lectured by Stephen Watts, author of "JFK and the Masculine Mystique: Sex and Power on the New Frontier"


Francis Gary Powers

UMW's Great Lives: Francis Gary Powers

Tuesday, February 4. Lecture by Francis Gary Powers, Jr., his son, and author of "Spy Pilot: Francis Gary Powers, the U-2 Incident, and..."

The Beach Boys

A Salute to the U.S. Marine Corps

"That two battalions of Marines be raised consisting of one colonel, two lieutenant colonels, two majors and officers as usual in…

Dr. Seuss

UMW's Great Lives: Dr. Seuss

Tuesday, February 11. Lecture by Brian Jay Jones, author of "Theodor Geisel and the Making of an American Imagination"

John and John Quincy Adams

UMW Great Lives: John and John Quincy Adams

Thursday, February 13. Lectured by the authors of "The Problem of Democracy: The Presidents Adams Confront the Cult of Personality"

Stephen Hawking

UMW Great Lives: Stephen Hawking

Tuesday, February 18. Lecture by Kitty Ferguson, author of "Stephen Hawking: An Unfettered Mind".

American Duelists

UMW Great Lives: American Duelists

Thursday, February 20. Lecture by Joanne Freeman, author of "The Field of Blood: Congressional Violence in Antebellum America"

Frederick Douglass

UMW Great Lives: Frederick Douglass

Thursday, February 27. Lecture by David W. Blight, author of "Frederick Douglass: Prophet of Freedom".


Female Internet Inventors

A Salute to the U.S. Marine Corps

"That two battalions of Marines be raised consisting of one colonel, two lieutenant colonels, two majors and officers as usual in…

C.S. Lewis

UMW Great Lives: C.S. Lewis

Thursday, March 12. Lecture by Devin Brown, author of "A Life Observed: A Spiritual Biography of C.S. Lewis".

America’s Notorious Pirates

UMW Great Lives: America's Notorious Pirates

Thursday, March 19. Lecture by Eric Jay Dolin, author of "Black Flags, Blue Waters: The Epic History of America's Most Notorious Pirates"

Karl Marx

UMW Great Lives: Karl Marx

Tuesday, March 24. Lecture by Jonathan Sperber, author of "Karl Marx: A Nineteenth-Century Life"

Hedy Lamarr

UMW Great Lives: Hedy Lamarr

Tuesday, March 31. Lecture by Stephen Michael Shearer, author of "Beautiful: The Life of Hedy Lamarr"


Nikita Khrushchev

UMW Great Lives: Nikita Khrushchev

Tuesday, April 7. Lecture by William Taubman, author of "Khrushchev: The Man and His Era".

Pioneer Female Aviators

UMW Great Lives: Pioneer Female Aviators

Tuesday, April 14. Lecture by Keith O'Brien, author of "Fly Girls: How Five Daring Women Defied All Odds and Made Aviation History"
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