Thank you! Library Supporters Made a Difference!

CRRL is very grateful to our supporters.

Thank you to all of the library supporters and Friends of the Library members who spoke up loud and strong about the risk to library funding! Over 350 messages about the real value of library services were sent.

At their April 11 meeting, the Spotsylvania Board of Supervisors voted to approve the county’s budget for fiscal year 2024. Their approved budget includes an increase of $250,000 over the level funding the library has received for the past 3 years and we are very grateful for the increase. Unfortunately, it is still $250,000 less than what was requested and means CRRL will face some difficult budget decisions in the new fiscal year.

There can be no doubt that Spotsylvania residents, and many others across our region, value the library. The Friends of the Library will be sharing quotes from some of these messages on their Facebook. To learn more about the ways the Friends advocate for libraries year-round, or to join during their April membership month, visit