Launch It! Trebuchet Contest

Launch It! Trebuchet Contest

Launch It! Trebuchet Contest

Saturday, April 25, 10:00
Gayle Middle School Athletic Field

Bring your own handcrafted trebuchet and test it against your fellow competitors! Registration begins at 9:30.

Categories to Enter: Middle School, High School, Adult, and Family

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Trebuchet Construction Sessions

what is a trebuchet?



A trebuchet, for those not familiar with the term, was a popular element in medieval siege warfare. Trebuchets hurled missiles at town walls and castle defenses, with the aim of knocking holes large enough to let the invaders come through. They were often given names, a tradition we carry on in this competition.

Unlike a catapult, a trebuchet uses weight instead of tension on a cord to throw its load. A cord or rope can only stretch so far, but there isn't a practical limit on how heavy weight can be, so trebuchets were usually much more powerful than catapults.

Launch It! Trebuchet Contest

Trebuchet Contest Rules

Launch It! Trbuchet Contest



  1. Must have a name for your device (trebuchet).
  2. Dimensions of your trebuchet may be no larger than 2x2x2 feet.
  3. CRRL will provide projectiles that are 2 inches in diameter.
  4. Projectiles must remain intact until they hit the ground.
  5. All trebuchets must be propelled by gravity (no springs, no elastics, no compressed air or water, no explosives).
  6. Judges are the final arbiters on safety.

Trebuchet Construction & More

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