Uniquely Fredericksburg – Accepted Artworks

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Accepted Works

Alum Springs Cliffs - Dawn Whitmore
Alum Springs Cliffs #2 - Dawn Whitmore
Alum Springs Park no3 - Ed King
Alum Springs: Picasso in the Park - Dawn Whitmore
Alum Springs Park no2 - Ed King
Alum Springs Park no1 - Ed King
Angel Tears - Christine McClintock
Best Hot Dog in Town - Barbara Anne Byrd
Blue and Amber - Carolyn R. Beever
Bridge Bloom - Penny A Parrish
Carl’s - Tim Koslo
Cruzin on the Rappahannock - Barbara Anne Byrd
Darbytown Rooflines - Pete Morelewicz
Exploring Fredericksburg - Carolyn R. Beever
Fluffy Invasion - Carolyn R. Beever
Fredericksburg River Sunset - Christine McClintock
Gary The Goose at City Dock - Ed King
Goolrick's Snowy Evening - Penny A Parrish
Gull Photo Bomb - Dawn Whitmore
Hazel Run: A Boy's Delight - Dawn Whitmore
Heal - Mary Lou Cramer
Jail Alley - Carol L Coffman
Kenmore - Chuck Fromer
Lazy Day by the River - Carolyn R. Beever
Morning Light on St. George - Suzi Bevan
Purina Pedestrians - Aaron Cabitto
Rise to the Sky - Caroline Murphy
Rooftops - Chuck Fromer
Southbound from Fredericksburg Station - Chuck Fromer
St. George's Episcopal Church at Night - Judy Lowman
Sun, You Sleep - Caroline Murphy
Timeless, University of Mary Washington - Leslie Brier
Train Station Arches - Penny A Parrish
Two to Go Please - Penny A Parrish

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