Neighbors of Mitford

Mitford, a quaint village in the Blue Ridge mountains, is chock full of quirky folk. Father Tim shepherds the townspeople through mysteries and miracles. But what if you've read every Jan Karon book? Pay a visit to some of Mitford's neighbors while you're waiting for the newest book.

A Short History of a Small Place

By T. R. Pearson

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"In this introduction to Neely, North Carolina, the young narrator, Louis Benfield, recounts the tragic last days of Miss Myra Angelique Pettigrew, a local spinster and former town belle who, after years of total seclusion, returns flamboyantly to public view--with her pet monkey, Mr. Britches. Here is a teeming human comedy inhabited by some of the most eccentric and endearing characters ever encountered in literature."

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