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Black History in the City's Development

Various resources on the development of black history in the Fredericksburg region.

Discover African American Inventors

Every February we celebrate the work of African American inventors who changed history with their contributions to science, industry, business, and communication while facing difficulties both personally and professionally.

This year we're celebrating virtually with informative videos from your CRRL librarians. View videos about the inventors and their inventions.

African American Inventors: George Franklin Grant

Learn about George Franklin Grant, inventor of the golf tee. Learn more with CRRL librarian Katie!

African American Inventors: Alfred L. Cralle

We have Alfred L. Cralle to thank for the ice cream scoop. Watch this video with CRRL librarian Colleen to find out more about this him.

African American Inventors: Dr. Patricia Era Bath

Watch this video, presented by CRRL librarian Josie, to learn about Dr. Patricia Era Bath, inventor of the Laserphaco Probe.

African American Inventors: James West

Presented by CRRL librarian Alice, learn about James West, inventor of the electret microphone.


African American Inventors: Lonnie Johnson

Lonnie Johnson invented the summertime favorite, the Super Soaker! Learn more about him with CRRL librarian Annette.

African American Inventors: Kenneth Dunkley

Kenneth Dunkley invented three dimensional viewing glasses or 3-DVG. Presented by CRRL librarian Megan.

CRRLKids: African American Inventors

Check out these titles for children and teens featuring the life and works of African American inventors, scientists, and innovators.
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