My Librarian: Books for Gamers

Video games can't catch a break, often lambasted for being a wasteful time-suck compared to other entertainment options. This is a medium wholly unlike any other than has come before it where you are the protagonist and explore a world made just for you. Research has shown that video games can help with cognitive ability…
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Great Comics to Teach Kids

Kids now have so many fantastic options when it comes to using comics and graphic novels to learn about real-life concepts. These books are visually stimulating while still offering a considerable amount of information about the subjects contained within. Here is where to start when searching for non-fiction graphic novels for elementary-aged students. Graphic Library…
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Launch It! A Trebuchet Contest

This April, Central Rappahannock Regional Library will be running our third annual trebuchet contest. A trebuchet is a kind of medieval siege engine. Full-sized ones were used to smash down castle walls. This contest will be a fun, family event, and you can join in by bringing your handcrafted trebuchet and testing it against your…
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