Rapper’s Delight: Hip-Hop History

Hip-hop has succeeded in becoming the most prominent musical genre at a time when normally concrete labels are beginning to meld together. The art form emerged from African American street culture in New York City, particularly the Bronx and Queens, in the late 1970s. It consists of a number of skills that include rapping, DJing, break-dancing…
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My Librarian: Books for Gamers

Video games can't catch a break, often lambasted for being a wasteful time-suck compared to other entertainment options. This is a medium wholly unlike any other than has come before it where you are the protagonist and explore a world made just for you. Research has shown that video games can help with cognitive ability…
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Great Comics to Teach Kids

Kids now have so many fantastic options when it comes to using comics and graphic novels to learn about real-life concepts. These books are visually stimulating while still offering a considerable amount of information about the subjects contained within. Here is where to start when searching for non-fiction graphic novels for elementary-aged students. Graphic Library…
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